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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

COOL STUFF: A Space Marine On a Day Off!

TOP: What do Space Marines do for a hobby?

Hi All,

I've long been a big fan of GW's Space Marine game, which has gone under so many different names: Adeptus Titanicus, Titan Legions, Epic-40k, Epic-Armageddon, Net-Epic and many others. And one of the strange little joys has been to see all of the non-Epic uses that the tiny 6mm Epic sci-fi figures see... The above photo is one of the latest and coolest uses of 6mm Epic figures I've seen... a huge 54mm Space Marine painting the tiny 6mm guys as a hobby. Other non-Epic uses I've seen have been in a travel version of the Space Hulk game and as chess pieces being used by giant 54mm Space Marines. All I can say is that I love the things that such non-Epic uses of Epic pieces do for my imagination.

Very cool!

You can find the other photos from that Golden Demon contest here:

And, in other news, I am thinking about updating my Blog pretty soon with a major face lift. Among the changes will be a new template with easier to read writing. I've received alot of feedback about it. And I may just be cutting back a bit as well... work is hitting me hard and I'm feeling quite a bit of burn out about my hobby. I need to find some inspiration soon. On the other hand, I'm having a great time building my 28mm undead hordes and had a huge victory at the last WHFB (Warhammer Fantasy Battles) game I played... a massacre of the other guy so I must be doing something right... it sure isn't my cruddy dice rolling! I also picked up a small bag of used 28mm undead miniatures (...some skeletal cavalry, ghosts, wights, skeletal bowmen & crossbowmen, a Black Coach, a few tombstones, some dead trees, a mausoleum, a banshee or two, etc.) at the ConQuest San Francisco 2007 flea market... can't wait to include those gnarly numbers into my undead hordes.

And my question to my readers is twofold:

*** 1. Do you think that updating my Blog would be a good idea? Any preferences? ***

*** 2. What do you do to get inspired when you're feeling burnt out on the hobby? ***

Have a great Tuesday!


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  • At 4:14 AM, September 12, 2007, Blogger Paul O'G said…

    1. Face-lifts are good. They rejuvenate both you and your visitors

    2. Leave it alone for awhile, read some books, watch some movies etc and the itch always returns in its own good time when you get a sudden burst of inspiration

  • At 7:01 AM, September 24, 2007, Blogger MaksimSmelchak said…

    Hi Tas,

    Thanks for the good advice!



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