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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

COOL STUFF: Deathstar Mania! Part-Deux - Lego Edition (17 July 2007)

.TOP: The actual Death star... in film!

Hi All,

I never stop marvelling at the depths to which the Star Wars franchise has infiltrated modern culture, whether...

I really like this little tiny Lego masterpiece! Well done!

And this one is cool and even has crew!
After all, no Death Star can operate efficiently without a few Sith force-stranglings!

TOP: Bigger Lego DEATH STAR!
Love the laser firing effect!
The small ship orbiting the Death Star is a Star Destroyer!

TOP: Bigger Lego DEATH STAR!
And the view of the interior construction is cool!

TOP: Biggest Lego DEATH STAR!
This is the biggest of the big, but...
...I'm disappointed that Lego didn't actually build this one out of Legos.

...and we were afraid of H.G. Wells' "War Of the Worlds."

Come to think of it, Spielburg's "War Of the Worlds" was pretty bad... although the Pendragon version was even worse. Sometimes, you just can't beat the classics.

Have a great Tuesday!


Hi to Peter G. "Lego Maniac" and the "Hot German Chick" in Germany!

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