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Saturday, January 13, 2007

GAMING NEWS: Return of Serenity!

.Hi Everyone,

I'm very excited that Captain Bob will be in town tonight... "What?" you say... "Who's Captain Bob?" Well, I'll tell you. Captain Bob is an extremely well known gaming host who throws some of the most well-regarded games in the Greater Northern California area from Kublacon to Dundracon to ConQuest SF and beyond...

I played in his Serenity game at ConQuest SF 2006 and LOVED it! It was a great time and he puts so much effort and time into his games. He has a giant three-level model of the Serenity (the spaceship from the old Firefly TV series) that was removeable with a sand table underneath, Chinese coins, character miniatures, Xeroxed story background and a varity of other fun props and background devices that really brought the game to life. Tonight, he's visiting the Sacramento area and will be hosting a special encore of his Serenity game and I was invited. We'll be dining on Chinese food and it should be a good time to all. Captain Bob will be using the Serenity roleplaying game (RPG) rules published by Margaret Weis if I'm not mistaken. Many thanks to Steph Frelling for hosting Captain Bob while he's in town!

I'll be meeting the local guys for boardgaming this morning... rumor's out that today is Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) Day today, a classic WWII board game. Sunday, I hope to go hiking out along the River and on Monday I'm hoping to see the new film "Pan's Labyrinth"... should be good!

I hope that everyone else has a good weekend too, so...

Happy Saturday and Gut Shabbos to all!

Shabbat Shalom,

If you haven't purchased the Serenity or Firefly TV Series DVDs yet, I highly recommend them!

I have more good news in that I start a new job on Tuesday thanks to a recently earned promotion. Yeah!

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