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Saturday, January 20, 2007


Kimbo is the "big dog" that keeps the rest of us "cats" in order! Me, especially!

Hi Everyone,

Another week has passed and what a weird week it was... I started a new job on Tuesday, we had Monday off (at least State workers did), saw a foreign film "Pan's Labyrinth" on the Monday I had off, my job had a "Winterfest holiday party" Thursday afternoon, and the flu caught up to me on Friday. Top that off with the date that I have today and the week makes a full circle.

This was my week! I'm the cat... living precariously in a world of dogs.

On Wednesday, I was able to catch up with my mates for a rare Wednesday evening game... one I haven't been able to make since I started a new job around August last year (2006). And unfortunately it might be the last one I'll make for awhile yet since at my even newer job I'm now low man on the totem pole and will have to cover a later shift (I'd hoped to get an earlier one). But these things happen so... que sera, sera! I have to apologize to my friends on Wednesday night since I arrived in a slightly grumpy mood... not the best way to game. Sorry, guys!

We played two games this past Wednesday evening (17 January 2007):

1. Taj Mahal

- Interesting game with a big learning curve. I recommend playing it once through with a partial game before starting a full length game in earnest. It has a large number of scoring mechanisms, which can be difficult for a player to grasp until he or she has played through the game at least once.

- Taj Mahal is basically a card set collecting game, with a map area-to-area scoring function thrown in. It reminds me a little of Ticket To Ride - Marklin Edition. Kimbo was the only one who knew what he was doing and was able to get a very large lead early on that none of the rest of us could close. Mazel Tov, Kimbo!

2. Iliade

- Another card set collecting game with gambits thrown in. Pretty simplistic and very unforgiving since it's possible to get a negative score without much effort. Like many other card games, card counters can benefit from this game by keeping track of the deck. It's not a bad game, but it also probably won't ever become one of my favorites.
- I took an early lead in this game as I quickly saw a good strategy for the game, BUT I'd forgotten that the rest of the guys FEAR and RESPECT me so I was pegged for elimination by the rest of the chain gang. I guess the strategy I'll need to employ is the "last-minute come-around" if I'm to have a chance at winning anymore. The guys were even targetting me over the bigger threats in the game. That's my fault for being obvious. Oh, well. Dave won. Mazel Tov, Dave!


Charley wasn't able to make it so I'm including some cat photos that I found around the 'net with this post in his honor. Urah, Charley!

Charley, this Buds for YOU, man!

Charley, I found some of the cool cat photos here:


They weren't kidding when they named the site "Cute Overload!"


I hope everyone has a great day!

Shabbat Shalom,

And this last photo is for my roommate's girlfriend, Susan, a Scrabble fanatic:

POOOOP for 10 points!
Thanks to BGG and numerous cat sites around the 'net for the photos!

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