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Thursday, November 09, 2006

GAMING NEWS: News From WAB-Man’s Memorial.

Hi Everyone,

Well, last weekend has now passed and I’ve been too busy to blog…

Here’s some news regarding WAB-Man’s memorial last Sunday:

I want to thank all those who made it to Scott's service, and those that were there in spirit. I also want to really thank all those that were at Scott's house today. We raised over $2,000.00 USD. That will cover many of the short-term bills that the family has for Scott. I will be selling mush of Scott's stuff on E-bay and at Flea markets for a while. The money will go to Terry Parson, his cousin who is out here, and to his father. Those of you that sent a list have had as much of it filled as possible.
- We will be doing the Mega game of Zama or some such battle from the 2nd Punic War. This will be a tribute to Scott. The armies are mostly painted by Scott, but several units are being finished by Manny Ruiz. Thank you Manny as that is a big project. Just flocking all those bases will be a major job.
- Roger Mark and I are going to do a Stalingrad game in his honor, using his Russians and Germans. We do however plan on flocking the bases.
- Tony Mark has taken over Scott's Han Chinese and I look forward to seeing them on a table.
- Mark Coumo is continuing to run the Warhammer Historicals Tournaments, and maybe the next one will be called the Hayes Cup.

Scott had a lot of good friends and he will be missed.
Mark A. Steinberg.

And Mark is still selling off much of the rest of Scott’s stuff to help out his family:

Some of Scott's stuff is on E-bay. So far the only items are his Battlecry games by Avalon Hill and lots of Warhammer Fantasy boxed miniatures sets. I used the "I sold it" function on E-bay service to list the items. They stupidly put the items in very illogical lots and I can't get them to change the lots. The lots all have a box of Goblins with them. Scott had 18 boxes of Goblins!

The "I sold it" people put Empire with Goblins, Undead with Goblins, Bretonnians with Goblins, etc. ...all very stupid. If any of you think about it, could you do Scott and I a favor and send them an E-mail asking why they put the lots together in the way they did.

The seller is "Isoldit.ca0231." The lots include item numbers:

- 160049386938
- 160049386956
- ...and others.


I will let you all know when I put up any other lots. Also we will be trying to have another direct sale, maybe in some driveway.
Mark A. Steinberg.

Meanwhile, the memorial game for Scott Hayes has been set up:

Here is the official announcement about the WAB tournament at The Shield...

California Championships featuring The Hayes Cup Warhammer Ancient Battles:

- Sunday 9am
- Umpires: Jim Clarke & Mark Cuomo.
- 2500 pt per side (Each army must have an army general) ·
- Table size no smaller than 6'x4'. ·
- 3 rounds, 2 hours or 7 turns (2500 point games), which ever comes first.
- 2 lists allowed for each army. Each list must be from same `titled' army list
(i.e. You can't mix Early Macedonian and the Macedonian Imperial, but you can use the entire Carthaginian list and have an army in Africa and one for Italy ).
- Each player must present their lists to judge before the tournament for approval.

Go to:
…for more details.

And even TMP (The Miniatures Page) featured an article on Scott:

6 November 2006
The Passing of Whitemetalman
It is with extreme sadness that I report to you the death of TMP'er Whitemetalman (AKA Scott Hayes).

Scott succumbed to cancer October 30th, 2006. He was just 45 years old. As you may or may not know, Scott was an iconic figure and ambassador to our hobby in Northern California. Among his many, many accomplishments, he helped form the club that is today the Miniature Wargamers Society of Sacramento, organized and ran the WAB tourneys at his local conventions (Kublacon, The Shield, Conquest SF and ConQuest Sacramento), and finally, promoted our hobby whenever and wherever he could.

Scott was known as Whitemetalman on the TMP boards.


And my past weekend was a good one as well…

Kimbo and I took a road trip down to Endgame in Oakland, which is the “center of the universe” as far as gaming goes… shelf after shelf of board games, card games, miniatures games, dice and everything calculated to make a gamer happy. Kimbo’s a great guy and he made the trip a good one as much as Endgame did. I ran into the EBAG guys there and said hi to Mark (Missed Warwick who was out at lunch). They were playing a variety of games including Napoleonics, WHFB, D&D Collectible Minis and gladiator (Hoc Habet) games.

You can learn more about Endgame here:



And this weekend is BGG Con. BGG stands for Boardgame Geek and it’s probably the most outstanding web site on board games in the world. BGG Con is unique in that it is a totally open gaming convention… just bring your favorite games, sit down and play… very cool!

You can learn more about BGG here:


Kimbo’s the only person I know going from around here (Northern California area), but I know a lot of folks down there attending including the TLC Unit (Todd Loves Crystal) and I hope they have a great time!

Safe travels to you, Kimbo!


And lastly, this weekend is the MWS (Miniature Wargamers Society of Sacramento) meeting:

Title: MWS Monthly Meeting
Date: Saturday, November 11, 2006
Time: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Location: Rancho Cordova Library

Learn more about MWS here:



And a great three-day weekend to all who can get it!


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