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Friday, August 04, 2006

GAMING NEWS: ConQuest SF Just Around The Corner...


Hi Everyone,

ConQuest SF (San Francisco) is just around the corner and this news was recently released to the public:

Father of RolePlaying Games Runs Game at ConQuest SF for Charity this Labor Day Weekend.

Legendary Guest of Honor Dave Arneson, co-creator of Dungeons and Dragons, will be running a session of his fabled Blackmoor Campaign on Saturday September 2 at ConQuest SF (San Francisco). We are offering a Once-In-A-Lifetime opportunity to play in the 'First Fantasy Campaign', Blackmoor, with Dave as the the GM. Dave invites all to come and visit the 'New Temple of the Frog!'

ConQuest will hold a charity silent auction during the show to determine the eight higest bidders who will get to play in this game. 20 more ringside observer seats will also be available to be bid on. Starting bids for the eight player seats is $20, and $5 for each of the observer seats. 100% of all proceeds from this auction will go to Paralyzed Veterans of America, our charity for this year's ConQuest SF.

ConQuest SF, formally known as ConQuest and before that Pacificon, is one of the oldest, and now one of the fastest growing game conventions on the West Coast. This years convention features our Non-Legendary Guest of Honor, James Ernest, as well as Special Guests Keith Baker, Ken Hite, and Pete Dorman. Dave Arneson appears in part, courtesy of RPG Sponsor Black Diamond Games. End Game of Oakland is our major show sponsor.

For information about ConQuest SF, and our other conventions in Sacramento, Seattle, and Los Angeles, or CruiseCon, please visit http://www.con-quest.com

Gabriel "Mondo" Vega
Avalon Game Conventions

And for those of you who don't know, I'll be working at Conquest SF and other gaming events hosted by Avalon Game Conventions. I ran the fantasy / sci-fi miniatures area at ConQuest Sac and I'll be returning in the same role to Conquest SF. I had a blast at Conquest Sac and took plenty of photos which you can peruse here:


And there should be plenty of good fun at ConQuest SF 2006. Whether you enjoy board gaming, miniatures games, celebrity talks, a wide variety of vendors or more, it will be there at ConQuest SF 2006!

Have a great Friday!


The above zombie photo comes from Marcus's amazing "Zombietown" games, which he hosts, along with some friends, every year during Halloween at Great Escape Games in Sacramento. Marcus has since built himself a web site... I highly recommend checking it out here:


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