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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

PERSONAL NEWS: Quick Maksim Update #2 (11 July 2006)...

Hi Guys,


I'm still around... working on several new posts:

- Yehuda game meme post.
- Sister's wedding photos post.
- Microarmor ruleset review for Tas.
- A few new joke posts.
- ConQuest SF post.
- Possible movie review of "Munich"... or maybe not.
- Post about new Lebanese Armor "Blue Steel" book...
- Announcement of new local 28mm Westerns miniatures company...
- Announcement of new Firefly Games product "A Faery's Tale"...
- A few book reviews...


I'm really looking froward to this week's "Wednesday Gamer's Night Out" at A-1 Comics on Sunrise. It will be Dick Mitchell's first night back ina while and I've missed him... can't get enough good friends like him. And it sounds like some of the rest of the "local posse" are getting jazzed as well... hope to see Kimbo and Dave Story among others...

Dick put up a new site for a local gaming club he runs:


Which also has a free Yahoo E-group:



And the good-looking redhead, who I met this past Saturday, and I are getting along just fine.... ran into her again yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the company. It's wonderful when a good-looking woman takes a visible interest in you.

And, I'm getting close to a new State job so that's nice as well.


Have a great day!


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