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Friday, June 30, 2006

HUMOUR: Scooby Dooby Doo & Cthulhu too... What the ?@$%@*! Dagnabit! Pesky meddling kids!

Good morning, Gang!

Another one of those weird mornings in which two things that I don't normally associate with each other come together... AGAIN!


So, there I was, surfing the Internet, when I came across this post at TMP:

"Scooby Doo Cthulhu" Topic


Someoene has come up with stats for the entire "crime fight'in gang and their loveable mutt TM"... for the wildly lethal Call of Cthulhu HORROR game! I remember the old Ghostbusters cartoon having a Cthulhu episode complete with a dishy Eastern European babe with a "va va voom" accent, but still... this is pretty wacky!

Check it out if you don't beleive me:


And, oddly enough, Scooby has more sanity points than the rest of the gang (I seem to recall that Fred matches him as leader of the gang)! I suppose that's because he knows when to cut and run and when to simply chow down... only Shaggy must match him in those terms...

If you have the patience to read this post about Scoob and the Elder Ones, you might get a chuckle ot two out of it... we all have our eccentricities!



And I'm including a gratuitous babe shot with Scooby and a "friend" because Gellar has great legs...

And the movie Velma rocked... I'd watch the silly film again... just for HER! Linda Cardellini...

And her memory justifies another gratuitous babe shot:

I think I'd like her better... in a sweater...

And speaking of sweaters reminds me of this cool little rock group, the Sweater Kittenz:


Their full story can be found here:

(*** Warning: Unpolitically correct material can be found here! ***)



Have a great Friday!


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