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Saturday, April 01, 2006

HUMOUR: What Kind Of A Die Are You?


Hi Guys,

Please check out this cool quiz:

You are reading the blog of a:


You are a good old-fashioned six-sided cube, otherwise known as a d6. Others know you to be plain, predictable, conservative, average, ordinary, and downright boring. You prefer to describe yourself as dependable, honest, practical and trustworthy. People usually know what to expect from you, since you rarely hold any surprises. You hate to make decisions, and if forced to decide, you'll always fall back on how it was done in the past. You always order the same thing at your favorite restaurant, and your jokes, while funny, are never too offensive. It seems that you are well liked, but maybe that's simply because there's nothing to hate.

Anyone that knows me can cite a few differences, but...
That was fun!

"You hate to make decisions, and if forced to decide, you'll always fall back on how it was done in the past."

Hah! I've rocked the boat more times than there are letters in that sentence!

Shabbat Shalom,

The Epicomms discussion thread for this "quiz" can be found here:

My friend Tas also took the quiz. His results are here at his blog:

Apparently, the D4 entry is even worse than the D6 one!

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