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Friday, June 24, 2005

GAMING NEWS: "The Next War" Session One! (23 June 2005)

Hi Guys,

Well, the guys and I got together yesterday evening and played part of the first turn of Next War...

Next War is truly massive game and here's a link to a review of it:


Here's a blurb describing it:


The Next War is a brigade/divisional level sumulation of a Soviet-led Warsaw Pact invasion of the central European front of NATO in the late 1970's. The three maps cover the area from the far north of Denmark, through Germany and Austria to the industrial heartland of Italy.The standard rules constitute the fast game, and contain all the rules necessary to play "The Next War" land game - a complete game that can be played independently.

The most notable mechanic is the combination of combat within the movement of land units, with the ability of units to greatly exceed the basic movement allowance at increased risk of fatigue/attrition. Optional rules cover weather, supply, chemical/nuclear warfare, air and naval operations, airborne/airmobile and amphibious operations, helicopters and special forces, and electronic warfare and add can considerably to the record keeping and playing time.

The campaign game covers the first 60 days after mobilization in three basic scenarios, Sudden War, Spring Maneuvres, Tension. The differences between these three concern the timing of the outbreak of war and the resultant state of readiness of the respective forces. Due to the large number of optional rules, however, the players may in fact choose from a vast array of possible Campaign Game situations.

Six smaller scenarios depict smaller areas of operations over briefer periods of time in the regions of Berlin, Vienna, The Baltic, Fulda, North German Plains, and the Main Front (Fulda + North German Plains). The game components: three 22" x 35" map sheets plus one 6" x 8" and one 10" x 12" map extensions, 2400 die-cut 1/2" counters, one 32 page rules book, one 40 page Scenarios and Situation Briefing book, two identical 4 page Charts & Tables folders, and one 17" x 22" Air Allocation Display.

We started around 5:30pm and only finished the air phase (A massive furball over Europe with F-15s, Mirages, MiG-21s, MiG-23s, etc. dogfighting for air supremacy... ) around 9:00pm... Part of the reason it took so long is that we had to teach the Warsaw Pact players how the rules worked because they had problems downloading the rules (Darn computers!). We all ate sushi and snacks inbetween and had a good time.

We all ate sushi and snacks inbetween and had a good time.

Oh, I almost forgot to list the sides:

- Scott
- Mike AKA Mikos
- Rich (Absent for Session 1)

- Jon
- Vince
- Maksim

Next War is truly a monster game and I'm glad I didn't get together with the guys last time to set the game up... 2,400 die-cut 1/2" counters!


The Warsaw Pact won the first air battle and achieved air supremacy over Central and Northern Europe. NATO losses were severe: two F-4 wings shot down and a number of aircraft damged. The Warsaw Pact was also attritted severely, they must have had almost twenty aircraft squadrons severely damaged. The Soviet Gdansk boneyards must almost be full. And they only ran two big sorties with their remaining ground attack craft and didn't do more than pin down two battallions of NATO ground troops...

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