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Friday, June 24, 2005

WARGAMING: "Assault on Hoth" Session One!

Hi Everyone,

Tonight (24 June 2005), I finally got a chance to play the West End Games "Assault on Hoth" game with my friend, Dean Volpicelli.

Here's a link to the Board Game Geek entry on the WEG game:


We played for five turns with Dean as the Imperials and me, Maksim, as the Rebels. Dean's five AT-ATs and two AT-STs took a beating.

- The Rebels bunch at the front of their lines attempting to swarm the Imperials before getting slaughtered themselves. The Rebels manage to destroy both Imperial AT-STs before receiving grievous injuries.
- Rebel Snowspeeders are still approaching the front and don't reach the battle.
- Only one of five Rebel Gallofree transports manages to launch this turn.

- The Imperials "strike back" destroying all but one of the Rebel's front line laser towers essentially removing all of the threats to the AT-ATs as the Snowspeeders are still approaching the front.
- Two AT-ATs dismount Snowtroopers upon which the Rebels deal heavy casualties.
- No additional Rebel transports escape this round.
- The AT-ATs advance rapidly and separate into a lone AT-AT heading for the Rebel power generator while the other four head for the location of both the Rebel power generator and Blizzard base.

- The Imperials completely overrun the rebel lines throwing the Rebel defence forces into disarray.
- Rebel infantry reinforcements show up, but have no chance of destroying or even diverting the monstrous AT-AT walkers.
- However, the cavalry finally shows up in the form of two groups of Rebel Snowspeeders.
- A group of three Snowspeeders led by Luke Skywalker fires upon the AT-AT heading for the Rebel power generator scorching the AT-AT all over, which nevertheless manages to claw forward towards its objective.
- One more of the precious five Rebel Gallofree transports escapes this turn leaving three more needed to keep the Rebel flame burning...
- The second group of two Snowspeeders can't reach the main group of AT-ATs and witness the sight of countless Rebel infantry being smashed to a pulp under AT-AT feet overrunning the Rebel lines.
- Imperial AT-ATs dismount even more Snowtroopers.

- Rebels score their first major victory as the AT-AT targetting the Rebel power generator is destroyed by Luke Skywalker who used the force to target vulnerable areas of the offending AT-AT.
- Rebel troops who are near helpless against the AT-ATs suddenly find targets they can destroy on the ground: Imperial Snowtroopers! In the ensueing battle, all but a handful of Snowtroopers are slain.
- However, those remaining Snowtroopers manage to destroy all but two of the remaining Rebel laser towers leaving only the Rebel Snowspeeders capable of threatening the AT-ATs.
- The smaller group of two Snowspeeders manage to sneak behind an AT-AT and take it down with a well-placed harpoon shot. Cheers are heard throughout the Rebel lines!
- However, the AT-ATs take no heed of the cheers and advance relentlessly forward breaking the last Rebel defence line.
- A ray of hope dawns with the launch of one more Rebel Gallofree transport. Only two more to go and the Rebels will have met their victory conditions.

- The Imperials look as if they have the game in the bag with three untouched AT-ATs advancing on the Rebel shields and Blizzard base. The Rebels haven't even managed to launch many transports!
- A second AT-AT is taken down from a determined Rebel harpoon attack flown recklessly by Rebel pilots desperate to save their base. One of the Snowspeeders is swatted out the air after conducting the harpoon attack and leaves smoking ruins upon the battlefield. And, it was Luke's 'Speeder...
- Rebel troops and Snowspeeders are trying to chase down the remaining AT-AT, but can't keep pace with the slow but methodical pace of the mechanical beasts.
- The second-to-last AT-AT is taken down by the combined fire of all four remaining Rebel snowspeeders and a large number of Rebel light and heavy infantry teams.
- However the last AT-AT is now in range and unleashes a first shot at the vulnerable Rebel shield emitters... MISS!
- Rebel troops swarm the evil machine, but their laserfire is like the tinkle of rain on the AT-AT's thick armoured hide.
- The AT-AT's blaster batteries have recharged again and fire... another miss, but just barely...
- The Rebels try one last assault, but can't seem to stop the marauding AT-AT which has managed to advance nearly on top of the shield emitters upon which the salvation of the Rebel fleet is relying...
- The AT-AT fires again... DIRECT HIT! KA-BOOM!
- The Rebel shields fall allowing Lord Vader to overun Blizzard base destroying critically needed Rebel supplies and capturing numerous Rebel scum... Victory goes to the Imperials this game! Muuuhahahahahaaaaa!

- Imperial Victory!

It was a great game and Dean just barely squeaked by an Imperial victory with one AT-AT left...

Shabbat Shalom,

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