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Sunday, June 26, 2005


Hi Guys,

Well... today did not work out.

I was the only one to show up for today's game... everyone else flaked on poor Vince. I don't understand it.

We spent the first half hour or so getting ready... setting up the board, getting the miniatures out, etc. And then Vince made a few calls and everyone who had previously confirmed simply flaked out without calling. I felt really bad for Vince.

After he'd confirmed that I would be the only show, we put everything back away and decided to watch the film I brought just in case: "Immortal."

"Immortal" was terrible. It was slow and the story was very difficult to follow. Even worse, much of the dialogue was in ancient Egyptian... without subtitles! I do not recommend "Immortal."

We played a quick game of "Lunch Money" from Atlas Games, which I didn't much care for. Vince won.

After that, we played a game of "Settlers of Cataan" and I won. I like that game. It's a classic.

We chatted for a little bit after that and discussed DBA, DBM, HOTT and possible games for the future. I will probably host my Hoth game and monster games there to playtest them before hosting them at the convention I plan to run one or both games at.

Vince is a great guy and really feel bad for him that the other guys flaked on him after confirming. And then they didn't call either (Except for Jon who told Vince he couldn't make it early last week.).

At any rate, I'm upset about today although I was glad to spend some time with Vince. I did feel let down that the big game didn't happen. I was looking forward to it.


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