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Sunday, July 06, 2008

COOL STUFF: "An Outsider's View of Star Wars" (6 July 2008)

TOP: Star Wars, still a classic...

Hi All,

I can't imagine a world without Star Wars. While I was born before it came out, I was young (...and impressionable) when it came out. I remember collected Star Wars figures of which my sister summarily beheaded as one of those sibling rivalry pranks we all do... I also remember playing Star Wars on the playground with other grade schoolers SO...

When perusing my friend Yehuda's blog the other day ago, I was SHOCKED to discover that Yehuda had apparently NEVER seen the Star Wars film before! Yehuda's review is written as an outsider, someone not completely taken in by the Star Wars cult... which made it rather novel in my eyes. Here we live in a world where many UK citizens publicly declare their religion to be "THE FORCE" and Yehuda had still never seen the films, while living in the Western world... To gosh and beyond...

Please enjoy this short excerpt from Yehuda's review and then find the link below to the entire shebang.

First movie (The Phantom Menace)

This was a neat movie. The good guys and their light swords are ubercool. Obi-Wan, Qui Jon, Yoda, and Palpatine are all played well enough, although they don't exhibit much more than one-dimensional personalities. Padme is a feisty heroine, but she really doesn't have much to do or say in the movie. She just wanders around.

It culminates in a battle to recapture the Naboo palace, and a wicked fight scene with light sabers.

Unfortunately, the actors who play Anakin and his mother are pretty bad, as are some of the hokey lines of dialog. Some of the dialog is inconsistent. For instance, the mother lets Anakin go off with Qui Gon Jinn to be a Jedi, and then two seconds later Anakin asks if he can go. Du-uh.

The Trade Federation's droids are supposed to be menacing, but they're fairly ineffective and say a lot of things that don't make sense for a droid, such as "Uh oh". And there's a race of annoying aquatic people on Naboo who talk with Jamaican accents and blubber a lot, added as comic relief. They were dispensable.

I think Yehuda about summed up the Star Wars Episode I film in those few sentences. Jar-Jar Binks is pretty universally despised and "dispensable" seems just about right for him... maybe too kind. Uggh.

The rest of his comments were fun too... it's just hard to know if Yehuda was being sarcastic or if his review is as sincere as it appears. It seems so hard to imagine that an adult male could have missed Star Wars altogether unless they were cloistered in a monastery, prison, or some other sort of similar explanation. Of course, Yehuda is also a dedicated family man and that's as good an excuse as any. But still... LOL

Read Yehuda's review with all six Star Wars films here:

Have a great Sunday!

And good gaming to you!


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