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Saturday, May 03, 2008

MINI WARGAMING: Simple Trees (3 May 2008)

TOP: A few 28mm Arabs with some cheap plastic trees in the background.

Hi All,

I actually made these trees awhile back, but I took a few photos during my last shoot...

One of my favorite kinds of terrain is cheap, simple, quick-to-assemble terrain... Plastic trees, cactus, bushes and the like aren't so hard to find...

They often come with cheap toy packets, cake decorations, party favors, and many other sources.

I found this tree in a bin packaged with cactus and a few other pieces of foliage and it cried out to be mounted on washers with some pebbles and sand to give it a good foundation. The tree looked a bit funky before so I nipped off a spare branch and made it into a new tree.

I've found all kinds of trees over the years: evergreens, palms, oaks, those tall, skinny ones (forgot the name), and many more.

TOP: The main tree on a 1&1/2" washer.
TOP: The "nipped" branch on a 1" washer.

May your gaming be good and...

Have a great Saturday!
And Gut Shabbos to my Jewish readers!

Shabbat Shalom,

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