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Monday, December 17, 2007

GAMING NEWS: "T-5 Almost Here!" (17 December 2007)

TOP: T-5 is almost here!
Hi Everyone,

Good new for the Traveller fan straight from Marc Miller's mouth:

Traveller5 is nearly complete.

It's full of material: Character Generation, Androids, Robots, Clones, Worlds, Starships, Small Craft, Adventures, and more.

Come see more at our web page:


We are in the last stages of completing an extensive initial CD-ROM version of T5 by Jan 31 totaling about 1000 electronic pages. Order now, and we'll send you our special offer now and the CD-ROM as soon as it rolls of the press.

We have a special offer on the web site. Come see what we have.


We'll ship on or about Jan 31, 2008. Pre-order now and we'll send you the printed black DVD Traveller5 Case Wrap (the same one that will be on your Traveller5 CD-ROM package when we ship it), plus four bonuses:

1. Our Mini-Map of the Spinward Marches,
2. The Traders' Guild Guide to Starships,
3. The Mini-Traders' Guild Guide to Starships, and...
4. The Wilderness Traveller (800-ton Speculative Trader) 4-view.


And here's a half dozen or so more helpful Traveller links:

Freelance Traveller link:
(Probably the best link for anything Traveller)

Citizens of the Imperium forum link:
(Probably the best Traveller forum around)

Far Future Enterprises link:
(Marc Miller's site, one of the creators of Traveller...)
(Find reprints of older Traveller materials here and...)
(it's also the home of Traveller 5)

Ad Astra Games link:
(Find Traveller starship minis here)

Loren Wiseman's home page link:
(A creator of Classic Traveller & the genius behind GURPS Traveller )

CT Striker Yahoo E-group link:
(One of the best discussion groups for Striker III)

Classic Traveller Yahoo E-group link:
(One of my favorite discussion groups for Traveller)

6SFWG (6mm Science Fiction War Games) Yahoo E-group link:
(Striker III and anything & everything related to 6mm sci-fi can be found here)

Have a great Monday!


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