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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

COOL STUFF: "Gourds & Artificial Life" (7 November 2007)

TOP: "At your leisure, my Lord"
Quoth the Cylon Jack-O-Lantern.
Hi All,

Simple post today because I enjoyed the above graphic so much and took a gander at the Galactica Watercooler web site yesterday...

Thanks for the cool graphic, Miranda!

And a few links:

The Galactica Watercooler can be found here:

One of my absolute favorite pumpkin carving sites:

And for those of you who didn't know the Cylons have a sense of humour, check out this campy dialogue excerpt from the 1978 film:
Cylon Centurion: Our Raiders are all destroyed.
Imperious Leader,: All destroyed? How? We took them by surprise.
Cylon Centurion,: Apparently it was not as big a surprise as we had hoped for.

Have a great Wednesday!


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