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Monday, October 29, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: "Pendraken 10mm Sci-fi Teaser Shots" (29 October 2007)

TOP: Pendraken's 10mm Sci-fi line:
SF-23 Medium Warrior Creatures
Hi All,

One of the shortcomings of most miniatures sites is that many of them fail to provide photos of their product, not just good or clear photos, but ANY photos at all! It's one of those quirks of the miniatures industry that so few companies advertise or provide photos of their product. To a large degree, fans have been forced to slowly provide product photos for themselves since only a few of the most responsive companies have been remedying this quirk of the industry. I am pleased to report that many if not most of the newer miniatures companies are avoiding this shortcoming. Many of the old dogs however, have yet to learn this new trick.

Pendraken, while being a company with a reputation for good service, hasn't always been great with providing product photos, although they are working on it as Germy and I have chatted about before. Germy works quite a bit with Pendraken and probably still runs their web site.

Here are the product photos for selections from Pendraken's 10mm sci-fi line:

TOP: SF-5 Egg Cluster
TOP: SF-11 Queen Creature
TOP: SF-12 Medium Creature: Pose #1
TOP: SF-13 Small Creature: Pose #1
TOP: SF-18 Medium Creature: Pose #2
TOP: SF-19 Medium Creature: Pose #3

TOP: SF-22 Face Hugs Only
TOP: SF-29 Large Flamer Bug
TOP: SF-30 Large Jawed Attack Bugs

TOP: SF-31 Small Runner Bugs

And many thanks to Mark Cougar Jensen who not only took these fine photos, but volunteered to share them. All I have to say is that I owe him a big vote of thanks and I'm severely tempted to take a trip to Denmark just to meet and game with all the great gamers I've met from there.

Some cool stand-alone shots of Pendraken's 10mm sci-fi line. Link here:

Comparison shots of Pendraken's 10mm sci-fi line versus various 15mm sci-fi lines. Link here:

A link to my gallery featuring other selections from Pendraken's 10mm sci-fi line. Link here:

A link to Pendraken's web site:

Germy's web site:

A link back to the TMP thread where these photos were first shared:

Have a great Monday!

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