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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

COOL STUFF: Darth Mania! Part-Uno (12 September 2007)

TOP: Darth Kitty, who could have known?
Hi All,

I've said it before, but people do the strangest things with the Star Wars franchise. One barely has to lower a stick into the radioactive pond outside the Springfield reactors to come up with some abhorent, yet strangly fascinating mutant. Darth Kitty is no different... so in tradition of P.T. Barnum, give me a nickel and I present to you the Sixth Strangest Wonder of the World:


TOP: Aagh! ...make it go away!

I have a Flickr fellow to thank for the photos who goes by the monniker: "Women, Fire & Dangerous Things." Appropriate, huh?

Thanks, WFDT!

Check out his galleries here:

TOP: "Actually Chuck, I'm NOT Luke's father..."
"...more like an estranged ex-uncle."

And you can learn more about DragonCon, the convention where people dress as Darth Kitty, here:

Have a great Wednesday!


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