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Sunday, March 04, 2007

PERSONAL NEWS: Pinewood Derby Day (4 March 2007)

My Bro-in-law showing off his awesome Master Pinewood Crafter skills.

Hi Everyone and especially my Sister and her Kids,

Busy weekend and a busy past week or two... sickness has kept me down, but I'm on the recovery path now and got a couple of shots of my newphews' and niece's pinewood derby cars.

Austin's "Leafwood Racer" before the wheels have been attached.

For those not in the know, Pinewood Derby Car Racing is a time-honored tradition in the scouting youth programs and every year, children across the United States buy blocks of pine dood and carve themselves out cars, attaching wheels in the process. Then the cars are taken to big ramps and raced in different heats to see who has the fastest pinewood derby racer of them all. Winners tend to weigh around five pounds and have well-lubricated wheels (wheels are usually lubricated with graphite). So, enough with the words and onto the rest of the photos:

Tori's "Slugbug Special" being weighed. Love the pyschedelic stickers!
All of the rest of the boys wanted more standard racers.
These are Vincent's, Quinn's, and Ryan's racers.

This is my Bro-in-law's classic racer... probably carved sometime in the 1970s. It has cool US Navy stickers on it, carefully borrowed from plastic model kits from the day!

Here's one more shot of a boy's racer along with my sister's car: "The Cheesewood Racer."

Have a great Sunday!


The rest of the shots can be found here:

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