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Sunday, January 14, 2007

WEIRD NEWS: Al Gore, Global Warming & Me!

Hi Everyone,

On The Miniatures Page (TMP) today, I read Wyatt the Odd's comments (He's very likeable!) about the horrible cold spell facing California and... I'm pretty unfazed so far. I read the California state weather warning earlier this week, which sounded like we were going to get "The Day After Tomorrow" (Catastrophic disaster and tsunamis) and, instead, it's right pleasant. To read the warning, I was expecting much worse than has actually happened... at least, so far.

A link to the TMP post:


Speaking of Global Warming, that reminds me of Al Gore…

*** Anyone know that he has his own television station now called Current TV? ***

I only know because the other day ago, they were doing "interviews on the street" and they asked my friend and I for interviews on the way back to the office from lunch… we agreed and signed waivers.

It was pretty juvenile… very leading questions about prop 87 (taxing energy producers for being evil capitalists), mental healthcare and… the kicker:

*** "Would you rather see money spent on mental healthcare reform or Girls Gone Wild?" ***
I'm not kidding… they really asked that! I might expect that question from "Slick Willy Clinton TV," but Al Gore?

The "journalist" who interviewed us said that they'd call us if they decide to use our footage. I don't think I'll cross my fingers... I should have gotten more excited about "Girls Gone Wild" like the guys they interviewed before us. Have a great Sunday!


Here's a link to Prop 87 if you're really interested (pretty boring):


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