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Sunday, January 28, 2007

PERSONAL NEWS: Hiking (21 January 2007)

A treetop view from along the American River, California.

Hi Everyone,

I got around to some hiking last weekend... on this past Sunday, 21 January 2007.

It was a small group, just the four of us (including a dog)!

Nancy is a spunky lady and has been one of my hiking partners on a number of walks in the past. She's very knowledgeable about organic vegetables, herbs, and homeopathic medecine. At least, that's what we usually chat about on the trail.

Paula & Company:
Paula is part of a dog rescue group and has no less than four dogs and if I heard her correctly... and two of them are three-legged! The dog she brought along on the walk was a sweetheart of a pooch and a happy puppy to boot.
And myself (Maksim-Smelchak):

And here I am, a middle-aged guy fighting the "battle of the bulge." It looks worse here than it really is. I just started some new medications for high blood pressure that have complicated my struggle to stay thin. I always like to say that my hard work at the gym and elsewhere has led me to having an "inner tube" rather than a "spare tire." Staying fit is hard work and I have alot of respect for all the folks I see at the gym working on their health.

We hiked along bridge street towards the Nimbus Fish Hatchery, covering about four to six miles in a brisk two-hour walk.

The beginning of the trail looks like this (above), a river access road and a foor bridge at the end of it leading across the river.

And gradually the trail narrows to a bike trail and access road for the Park Rangers (above).

And eventually, we get to my favorite part of the trail, a simple beaten horse path that follows the river with some outstanding views (above).

The park trailway is technically only a strip of protected parkland that follows the river so in some places, you can see the homes of well-to-do folks in the background (above).

The river is simply georgeous this time of year. Despite the early morning wind chill factor, you can see a number of fishermen in waders doing their thing (above).

And in some places, it seems as if you can see endlessly into the woods and that the city has disappeared. It's easy to daydream while hiking in these areas (above).

This is what a happy dog looks like at the end of a walk heading for the cars (above).


More information can be found here:


All of the photos I took can be found here:


The URL for the group I hiked with in this post can be found here:


Right now, the group is currently shirnking a bit as the charismatic host has taken up aqua-aerobics... Good for her! I hope she meets her fitness goals.

Have a great Sunday!




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