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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

HUMOUR: Kids, Why We Love Them!

Hi Everyone,

Every now and then, I hear a few jokes to good not to share, so here goes:

Normally I try to keep the ol' blog kid-friendly, but even a few "choice words" can't keep the good-natured humor out of these ones:

All sons seem to resent "Daddy" at times:

And we all fear those moments when are children remember exactly what we've said in their presence:

And sometimes children make observations that seem to have a little too much common sense in them:

Thanks, Rafa, for sharing the jokes with me!

Have a great Tuesday!


I'm currently working on a big game report post at home among other posts so don't worry, game content is on its way. Until then, I can share the photos from the gaming session, which I already uploaded here:

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