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Sunday, December 31, 2006

PERSONAL NEWS: Happy 2007 New Year!

Hi Everyone,

So, I decided on my 2007 New Years Resolutions:

- Get the next promotion and raise in my career path by the end of the year.
- Pay off all my outstanding consumer debts by the end of the year and go debt-free.
(My car's already paid off and almost everything else)
- Work out a new schedule with my new boss to get out early on Wednesdays so can join the guys for gaming again.

- Go on 4 to 6 or more dates.
- Add at least 50 to 150 sit-ups, crunches or other abdominal exercises to my gym work-outs.
- Keep a cleaner house by doing a major clean-up at least once a month.

- Build 6mm urban metropolis terrain structure bases of at least 1'x1' area or more.
- Run a Monster Island game using the new urban metropolis terrain.
- But a new digital camera that works well for miniatures photography and photograph the Godzilla City Stomp'in Games.

Have a great New Year celebration and all the best for 2007!


Here's a handy dandy flow chart in Russian if you need directions how to celebrate New Years:

If you can't read Russian, pretend it's Greek and say "It's all Greek to me!" ...or just ask me later and I'll translate.

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