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Sunday, December 03, 2006

GAMING NEWS: Snubfighters Debut & Maks is Preoccupied With Large-Scale Miniatures!


Hi Everyone,

Life is still rolling along for me!

I've been keeping busy at work and with Thanksgiving rolling by, I've had my hands full.

I did get the opportunity to test out the new WOTC Star Wars collectible miniatures game the Friday after Thanksgiving and wasn't impressed with it. Chris spent a few bucks to get the starter set and some booster packs and we weren't too impressed with it. It was basically a dice fest with not too much going for it. Maneauver didn't seem too important... just pull your capital ships up in line and hack away at each other... sort of like W.W.I dreadnoughts without the excitement of the Star Wars movies.

Here are links to two of the biggest Star Wars Yahoo E-group forums:



I did like the minis, but minis don't make a game as much as rules do.

Apparently I'm not the only one that felt that way either, variants of the rules are appearing across the Internet like wildflowers. Chris and I discussed the possibility of bringing some other rulesets out of mothballs with which to play the game. We have a number of options between us... Star Warriors, Rebellion In Space (RIS), Mongoose ACTA, Renegade Legion, The Last Starfighter, Aerotech, Full Thrust, Silent Death and others...

Here's a link to my friend Zac's mod on the new game:


I must be a Super-Geek to be able to recite all those games off the top of my head! Talk about wasted brain cells!


I have too many miniatures projects as the moment and of those, too many of them are from heretical larger scales:

- 28mm Dollar Tree Ninjas
- 28mm WHFB Undead Pirates
- 10mm ASQL Sci-fi
- 6mm Command Horizon Sci-fi
- 6mm E-A Jopallis and others...
- 6mm DBA / HOTT
- 6mm Nappies

- 6mm Starfighters

Although right now, my major project (...and also the largest one to boot!) has been:

- Dating a life-size (Bigger than 54mm scale!) woman...

We had a nice date yesterday for her birthday... took a drive down to the Napa wine country. We ate a big meal and just whiled the day away. I remembered to bring flowers and chocolate, which I'd been advised are an important part of successful dating experiences... they worked!

That's the most expensive and time-consuming project I have...

Sometimes I miss just getting a little superglue on my fingers... LOL

LOCAL GAMING NEWS on 2 December 2006:

1. Meanwhile my MWS mates back in Sacto, did a little DBA & HOTT miniatures gaming:



Joe B, Joe R, Richard, Jarrod, Keith and Keith, Tony, and Jarrod's nephew (?) David showed up at our alternate site for a couple of games. While Joe R set up the HOTT battle, Richard and Joe B battled for control of Rome.

The main event was Joe R and Richard squaring off against Jarrod for a two on two army fight. Richard's dogs sacrificed themselves while Joe crossed the river and won the war of attrition. Jarrod manfully pressed his artillery heavy force forward, and managed to kill three units through fire (Doubled up two). The highlights were Richard's killing of one of Jarrod's heros in a mano-a-dogo battle, and Jarrod shooting Richard's wolfen hero down with his egg-shooting chicken artillery. The fight went back and forth before being decided by army losses.

Just in case you're wondering, Richard runs a 15mm HOTT army composed of Werewolves and other beastly creatures... We all call them "The Dogs," which has been fodder for many a joke! ...almost as many as the nickname for "Richard," which Blogger keeps censoring from my posts.

2. Meanwhile Kimbo and some other gaming friends got together at A-1 Comics on Sunrise for some board gaming...


3. And Kevin E. with yet another batch of gaming friends got together at Great Escape Games also for mostly board gaming...



4. And my friend Susan hopefully got in on a Scrabble day... at least we chatted about it. I've really noticed lately that Scrabble is a popular game among women. I wonder why...

Where: Starbucks in Arden Town
610 Watt Ave
Sacramento CA 95864

Event Description: Scrabble fans, we have another event for you! Come out to the Arden Town Starbucks (Watt & Fair Oaks) for coffee and Scrabble, 6:00-8:00 pm every Sunday. All skill levels welcome, from rookies to tournament players. If you have a Scrabble board, bring it along; otherwise, just show up and play! High scorer for the night gets a coffee drink on the house.

5. Also in local gaming news, a new Yahoo E-group has been set up for local miniatures wargaming here:


The new group is called Sacto-WarGamers and here are its motto and purpose:

Motto: All Gaming, all the time!

Purpose: This group is dedicated to the gathering of like-minded wargamers in the Greater Sacramento area. To meet and game in good fellowship. One of this group's focus games is WAB (Warhammer Ancients Battles) although we are not exclusively limited to that game alone. Everyone's welcome!

I encourage everyone to join and give the group a whirl... who knows? It might even help you find some new gaming opportunities!


Have a great Sunday!


Many thanks to Heather who gave me some 2 for 1 discount cards for Mervyns that were going to expire after December second. I used them yesterday evening and received yet another bonus... Mervyns was giving a $15 discount bonus on all purchases over $50! So, I bought ten towels, three sweaters and a linen set for only $61! How cool is that!

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