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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

GAMING NEWS: Charlie's B-Day & Ajax (12 August 2006)!


Hi Everyone,

A quick post... I've been very busy getting ready to move on to a new job (A number of interviews, paperwork, etc.) which has kept me from the blog for a bit.

This past Saturday (12 August 2006) was great...

We all celebrated Charlie's birthday down at A-1 Comics...

Happy belated birthday again, Charlie!


We brought a few cupcakes and let the "games of war" loose...

The group started with "The Fury of Dracula" in, which "Charlie the Dark Count" showed the vampire hunters up.


The new "FoD" is definitely an improvement over the original, but it's still a very time-consuming game (count on several hours)... that, and it's blasted hard to catch Dracula!


Dave and I played two games of "Roma" and enjoyed ourselves.


"Roma" is a fun little two-player that is starting to catch on with the group. I'm also abysmally bad at it, which should mean that I'll get plenty of invitations to play it.


And the group ended with a game of "Cleopatra."


"Cleopatra" is a game with a bidding mechanism that has a twist... whoever bids most gets eaten by the crocodiles... so, part of the game is to make sure you bid alot, but just under the leader. I think I'm getting the hang of it.


Afterwards, I went over and visited my folks and my favorite cat, Ajax...

Love that cat, not sure who's training whom though. He'll do tricks for me (roll over, jump up, shake, etc.), but I end up petting him for an awfully long time. I think he may have me better trained than I him.


I'm wishing everyone the best with their gaming and life in general!


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