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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

HUMOUR: Monkey Metamorphosis With Yehuda!

Hi Everyone,

My friend Yehuda runs a blog out of Israel and sometimes he comes up with the funniest stories relating to game geeks. Try this one out... if you're a game geek, you can probably relate to it. If not a game geek, enjoy the humour!



On the way to a bat-mitzvah with Rachel, I found myself suddenly transformed into a monkey.

"There, there, my nice monkey," crooned Rachel. She patted my arm and kissed me on the cheek. "Let's just have a good time, and try to be interested in other people and not only talk about games."

I tried to answer, "Yes! Yes, I will, my darling! I will be both considerate and erudite!" But I found that I could not speak properly, and it all came out sounding like gibberish: "Game! Play! Dice! Blog!" My wife understood what I said, because she was used to this sort of thing.

The bat-mitzvah was in a lovely restaurant, the Taverna in Abu Gosh, Jerusalem. We found our seats at the designated table. I found it hard to sit with my new tail, so I wrapped it around myself, with my feet on the chair, hunched over my plate. There were some people next to me whom I didn't know. I tried to introduce myself, but it came out as more gibberish: "Play! Games! Boards! Blog!" They shook their heads and continued talking around me, while I grumbled to myself, "Games. Dice."

I retreated into my simian self, looking around at the humans with my beady eyes from under my dark bushy eyebrows.

Soon I saw some shiny objects on the table. I looked around, but no one else was looking at me; they were talking about someone's hair, the bat-mitzvah girl's dress, the wine.

Under the flower arrangements on each table were strewn a number of dark blue glass beads, the same type that I bought to use for my game prototypes. I looked around again, and then slowly reached out with my tail and grabbed one. No one seemed to be disturbed, so I grabbed some more until I had twelve in total. Lovely blue beads, they were flat on one side and domed on the other side.

Well, this was something. What can one do with twelve beads?

Someone was speaking I think, but I didn't notice. I had twelve beads. Oh, happy day!

First I lined up the beads in a row. I can count in binary. My age: first bead, third bead, and sixth bead. That was fun. What else?

I arranged a triangle with ten of the beads. I then told the woman across from me, "Look! A triangle! You can turn the triangle upside down by only moving three beads! Watch!" But it came out all garbled: "Game! Play! Puzzle! Beads!". Rachel slapped my hand, and said, "Bad monkey! Don't make noises during the speech!" I yipped and put my hands over my head, pulling my lip.

After the speech ended, I tried again, speaking to the woman across from me. "Look! Here's a game. One person secretly throw the beads onto a table where the others can't see. You pick up the ones that landed flat side up and you put them in your hand, hiding the others. Then you say that you have at least N beads. The other person can accept what you said, or challenge you. If they challenge you, then if you told the truth, you get a point. If you lied, the challenger gets a point. If they accept what you said, you hand them the beads and they have to name a greater number to the next player. And so on until the end of the players. See? Using 12 beads, you can simulate a game called Liar's Dice."

Of course, what she heard was: "Game! Beads! Number! Dice! Play!" and so on. She shook her head and said that she doesn't play games, and offered me a banana. I reached for it, but Rachel took it and said that I could have it at the end of the evening if I was good.

... (Continued on Yehuda's blog!)


And that's only an excerpt from the story, check out this URL to finish reading it:


Oy... oy vay!

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