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Monday, May 08, 2006

HIKING: Sac State Walk (5-6-2006)!

Hi Everyone,

Saturday had some beautiful weather and I took advantage of that gorgeous weather to go hiking along the American River with the Rancho Cordova Hiking Meet-Up Group. We met at 9:30am at the Big Lots near Watt Avenue and La Riviera and entered the park trail near there. We hiked about four to six miles and ended up back at our cars around 11:30am. We could have made it faster, but we waited up for some of the newer hikers who needed a little more time to travel the trail.

Learn more about the Rancho Cordova Hiking Meet-Up Group here:


Here's a picture of much of the gang in pre-hike mode. The following are present from Left to Right: Glenn, James, Maksim (me!), Debbie and Kathie. Heather took this photo.

The above photo is of Heather and Debbie, a mother and daughter working at getting fit... both very nice people.

Heather recently won a nation-wide art competition. Mazel Tov, Heather!

Here I am on the Sac State pedestrian bridge wearing my ConQuest Sac 2006 T-shirt. I need to work on my photography skills... I always seem to leave my face in the shadows.

We did spot a little wildlife along the trail. We spotted this deer nibbling away on local greens and totally oblivious of me as I used my "incredible stalking skills" to gain the vantage point I used when taking this snapshot.

And here's Nancy, who was my de-facto trail partner for this hike. Nancy is the organic food queen... I learned a lot about goat milk, natural cow milk, soy milk, canola oil and just about anything edible that you can buy from the health section at Eliots or Bel Air / Raleys. Nancy was very nice and I very much enjoyed her company.

And I stopped by Great Escape Games after the hike and caught a few games. The highlight of the games was playing the "Game of Thrones" game adapted from the popular fantasy novels. The game plays fairly well and reminds me alot of "Diplomacy."


Have a great Monday evening!


You can see all of the photos here:


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