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Monday, May 01, 2006

GAMING NEWS: April 2M2G = D-Day & Fun For All (30 April 2006)!

Hi Everyone,

Well, the 2M2G (Maksim's Monthly Gaming Group) game day has come and gone and it was a blast!

And I'm theming the day as "D-Day!" since many of the games we played started with the letter "D."

For those of you that haven't heard of 2M2G, it's a free welcome-to-all gaming club and my way of giving back to the gaming community. You see, for years, I've lived in smaller apartments and haven't been able to host games at my place, BUT I've always wanted to. And I eventually moved out to a pad in Rancho Cordova that had the room, but by then I had discovered that I had so many good friends that I needed a space bigger than the average apartment or home could provide so I reserved the rec room of my local public library once a month and have been hosting game days since. I have the room from 10:00am to 2:30pm once a month on the Sunday of the last weekend of the month. If you'd like to come, send me an E-mail or post on the comments section here on my blog and I'll tender you an invitation to the club. It's that easy! No dues, restrictions, etc. etc. - just come, play and have a good time!

Top: See! Dave D. gives it a thumb's up!

The following attended:
- Clay, the Clever Man!
- Dave D., Friend To Naked Britons!
- Dick, the Well-Dressed One!
- Donna... Oh, Donna!
- Eric, the Fiendish Dungeon Master Who Takes Forever To Come Up With an Evil Plan!
- Joe, Leader of the Ghost Chicken Legions!
- John, Who Wishes He Was a Dinosaur!
- Maksim (me!)
- Malachai, The Mighty!
- Mike O'Brien, Slayer of Cowboy Dogs!
- Patrick, The Mastermind Behind the Scenes!
- Sean, Local Linguist and Commo Expert!

And some special guest appearances by:

Top: Dave, the OTHER Dave!

Top: Craig, "I'm not just a member of the club, but I'm also the Pre..."

And we had all kinds of fun playing half a dozen or so different games:



- Dick, as the Wolflings = Not their day!
- Joe, as the Undead Horde! = Winner and slayer of the Wolfling general!

Despite some brilliant plays by Dick, the dice betrayed him at a critical moment and Joe's boneheads took the day. Mazel Tov, Joe!

TOP: The above photo shows Joe's undead on the left side of the board...
...forming a very intricate defence of the their crypt-like stronghold.



- Dick, as the Wolflings = WINNER!
- Joe, as the Undead Horde! = A bone for the dawgs...

And Dick pulls off victory (...from Joe's skeleton/s) this time! Mazel Tov, Dick!

...and he looked good too!

TOP: Here, Joe demonstrates that the chic HOTT player does it with a cell phone!

Joe sent me some corrections (2 May 2006):

I actually killed Dick's general in the second battle as well -

Boneheads: 2
Doggies: 0

I felt bad for Dick! He beat up my Velociraptors though - They were so pathetic!
Then, he shot me dead in Bang! So, the net was:

Joe: 2
Dick: 2




MAGIC-USER: John then Maksim.
FIGHTER: Sean then Dave D.
THIEF: Clay!
SORCEROR: Malachai then Dave D.

In this very interesting and lengthy board game, four courageous adventurers take on a dungeon full of, well... danger. The inital party started out to slay some evil giants who had been plundering the local villages causing mighty amounts of cows to, well... disappear... noone knows what the giants are doing with or to them. The party made it to the very door of the giants when... it was time to go home.


TOP: We can see the following in this photo from left to right:
John, Clay, Malachai, Sean and Eric.


A Prototype game by Patrick Sweeney!

- Dick: Allosaurus.
- Joe: Velociraptor.
- John: Triceratops.
- Patrick: Apatosaurus.

I didn't play in this game, but it looked like "professional" wrestling with dinosaurs. The game is still a "work in art" or somesuch and Patrick is still honing it to perfection.

TOP: In the above photo, you can see the dinosaurs lined up for action, a feeding frenzy or both!

5. D-Bang!


- Dick
- Joe
- Mike

I didn't catch this game and have no idea how it turned out.

6. D-Bang!


- Dick
- Joe
- Mike

The guys came back for a grudge match and I still have no idea what happened.

7. D-WMA (WarMaster Ancients)


- Craigius Venatus - Roman: VICTORY!
- Dave D. Briton - Brit: loss.
- Davidius Rotundas - Roman: VICTORY!
- Maksim Maximus - Brit: loss.

In an exciting pacification of Britian scenario, the Romans managed to stomp the Brits by only having a 500 point advantage and superior troops! Ohhh! Impressive!

Generals Craigius and Maximus both proved to be "unable to cast the die across the Rubicon" so to say and generals Dave D. Briton and D. Rotundus had the "Battle of the Daves!" And the "Rotund One" carried more weight at the end of the day! Mazel Tov, Craig and Dave!

TOP: The Briton's right flank before being Roman-ized!

TOP: The Romans approaching the River Thames.


Have a great day!


Anyone interested in using the photos that I have attached to this post can find them here:

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  • At 1:29 AM, May 04, 2006, Blogger Paul O'G said…

    Great times! I like the look of the Dinosaur wrestling in particular - a forthcoming bit of fun from Fire-Fly Games?


  • At 7:05 AM, May 04, 2006, Blogger MaksimSmelchak said…

    Hi Tas,

    Yes, Friefly Games should publish that when the game has been fully developed although I'm just a fan and not an official spokesman or anything as such...

    It should be fun!



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