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Monday, April 17, 2006

GAMING NEWS: Have You Had Your "Skank" Today? If Not, Get It For Free!

Hi Everyone,

One of the biggest games in town goes on every year on Halloween at Great Escape Games in Sacramento and that is the Zombie Town games going on a number of year now (I think it's over ten, but I'm not sure). Those of you who made it out to ConQuest Sac got to see one of the Zombie Town games in person and know that Zombie Town is plain B-movie goodness!

And for me, hosting the Zombie Town games every Halloween weekend works as Halloween is my birthday! Huzzah! Playing in a low-key, beer & pretzel game is a great way to celebrate my surviving another year. Here's hoping...

Well, Mike and Marcus, two of THE Zombie Town progenitors have decided in all their generosity to make their rule set available to the public... in proper Skank fashion... for FREE!

Download here:


And you can check out photographic reports of the games here:


There are at least three documented Zombie Town games and a number of other "Mad Max" type apocalyptic games with photo albums.

Here's how to find Great Ecape Games:

Great Escape Games
1537 Howe Ave
Ste 200
Sacramento, CA 95825-3360
(916) 927-0810


Great Escape Games is in spitting distance of the Howe About Arden mall, a movie theatre and The State Fairgrounds.

Here's the official Great Escape Games web site:


Special thanks to Gary and the Great Escape staff for hosting several gaming tournaments at the ConQuest 2006 game convention!

This site has a list of the local shops that sell games:


Don't forget Viking Hobby, one of my all-time favorites!

I'm still in process of editing and cropping the photos I took at ConQuest 2006, but I'll try to upload a Zombie Town ConQuest 2006 photo to this blog post later this evening depending on time constraints.

I did get the photos I took uploaded. They can be found here:


(Zombie Town photo from ConQuest Sac 2006 at the top of this post courtesy of Mike Warde.)

Have a great week!

Chag Sameach and Shalom,

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