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Friday, March 24, 2006

WEIRD NEWS: LEGO Aircraft Carrier Sails!

Hi Everyone,

There is no end of amazing things people have built out of LEGOs. You name it and someone has come up with a LEGO version of it. Well, just the other day ago, what comes along, but an ENTIRE US Navy Aircraft Carrier! The thing is huge. It must be at least two feet by about eight feet in size... or more.

I first heard about it here:


And you can see multiple views / photos of this LEGO monstrosity here:


And part of what prompted this post about LEGOS is my love of those wonderful building toys that encourage creativity in children. I used to collect the castle sets that came out in the 1980s and even before that, my mother and sister and I would build LEGO villages from our family's collection. I have many fond memories of making those LEGO villages. And I have an equally large set of fond memories of building LEGO creations with my nephews. We've made cars, planes, castles, Harry Potter of every color and type, and a vast array of other LEGO creations.

And the funnier thing is that LEGOs are practically a legacy in my family. We've been passing them down from one another for at least several generations. I received LEGOs from my uncle and later passed them on to my baby sister who passed them on to my nephews. I imagine that they will pass them on to their children when the time comes.

I've tried to keep my blog apolitical, but this story really irked me. And I doublechecked it to make sure the story was true and not a hoax or urban myth... checking out the UN web site and several others.

Well, the other day ago, I read about the UN International Day for the Elimination of Racial Descrimination and I was pretty disappointed that the UN was trying to pull LEGO into the whole free speech / Mohammed cartoon row that is currently occurring. It's pretty sad when the UN feels a need to slam a perfectly unpolitical toy-making company like LEGO to try and force their point on others. Not only that but the UN is biting the hand that feeds it as the LEGO company has worked with UN humanitarian programs before that have benefitted refugees and others.

The UN has recently removed their poster from the official UN web site, but I still very disappointed that an international agency dedicated to making peace could be so partisan. I'm embarassed that I participated in the Model UN program when I was younger.

Here are two links about the UN / LEGO smear campaign:



I'm sure that LEGO enthusiasts come in every stripe and colour imaginable and of that I'm glad. Here's one last link for the UN. This LEGO enthusiast built a LEGO version on the UN building:


Everyone have a great Friday!


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