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Sunday, March 26, 2006

GAMING NEWS: Great Sunday Turn-out (26 March 2006)!

Hi Everyone,

Well, the second half of my game-hosting weekend was a great success. There were three guests plus myself making a total of four folks and we had a great time. The following folks showed up:

- Dick
- Don
- Maksim (me!)
- Pat

We played three games, which were:

1. Ticket To Ride: Europe


- Dick: #2
- Don: #4
- Maksim: #1 Winner
- Pat: #3

We all had a great time and the game was very close. Pat and Don were neck-in-neck for the lead for along time until Dick caught up to the pack. I traditionally play my cards pretty close to my hands so I didn't get up on the board until late in the game. Having four players definitely makes TtR:E more of a challenge than two or three. Almost everyone used at least one station and Don used all three of his. Patrick also built the valuable Stockholm to Saint Petersburg Scandinavian Express and it put him in the lead for much of the game. All three of the other guys are very shrewd players. European Express (longest road) won me the game by a measly two points. Dick was that close!

2. & 3. Formula De - Monaco Track


(Formula De photo courtesy of BGG)

Standings Game #1:
- Dick: #2
- Don: #3
- Maksim: #1 Winner!
- Pat: crashed and didn't finish.

Standings Game #2:
- Dick: #3
- Don: crashed and didn't finish.
- Maksim: #2
- Pat: #1 Winner!

We raced the Monaco track twice and had a good time. In the first race, the guys raced pretty conservatively while I gambled and in the second race, they became daredevils. Poor Pat crashed and burned the first time to turn around and win the second. All three of the guys took to each other quickly and I can honestly say that today was just about as perfect as it gets: a good time, great company and beautiful weather. You can't ask for too much more.


After some horrible rainy and overcast days, we get a beautiful out of the blue. The sun is out and the skies are clear. My roommate and I went jogging out along the American River this morning. We live about a ten-minute walk away from the river and it's very pleasant. I made scrambled eggs this morning and we both had a nice breakfast. He headed off to the law library (law students are wedded to the place) and I had guests over.


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