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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

GAMING NEWS: Playtest game - 15 November 2005

Hi Guys,

Today I ran a short playtest scenario earlier today (15 November 2005) using Planetfall through a game module for Traveller that I designed. My friend Dean and I playtested a short encounter between four Imperial grav tanks facing eight Zhodani warbots. It was fun and the game system worked out really well. We managed to play five turns in about an hour, which was remarkably good considering I was teaching him along the way.

I'm still mastering my digital camera (and a new computer as well), but I'll try to take photos for the gang.

The game is just shaping up wonderfully and I've gotten support from so many different sources... other gamers, my local community, my local gaming clubs, miniature manufacturers, science fiction licenseholders, etc., etc.

I think that I can have the game adequately playtested and published by April 2006 if not sooner.
I'll be concentrating my efforts towards finishing the "Planetfall" rules and developing the "Planetfall - Traveller" game module.

I'll be writing up a more detailed battle report for the playtester's forum and hope to have it posted before the end of the day on 16 November 2005.


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