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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

GAMING NEWS: HOW TO APPLY to be a "Planetfall" Playtester...

Hi Everyone and especially potential "Planetfall" playtesters,


Here's HOW TO APPLY to be a "Planetfall" Playtester:

Write these three simple things and either send them to me as a private E-mail or post them publicly on the "Planetfall" support group forums:


Q1. Share what you expect from a good science fiction miniatures game in written form.

Q2. State what you are expecting from "Planetfall - The Generic Universal Science Fiction Miniatures Wargame Engine" in written form.

Q3. Share a little bit about your background as a gamer and what qualifies you to be a "Planetfall" playtester.

There is no specific quantity of writing required as long as yourespond to the three questions/requests: Q1, Q2 and Q3. It would help if you put your repsonses into the form of A1 (Answer One), A2 and A3, but I'm not requiring this.

Several people have already aswered these questions to me either publicly on these forums such as Andy Skinner or a number of folks privately through personal E-mails sent to me.


I will then read and respond to every "Planetfall" playtester application.

Successful applicants will recive a letter of congratulations and an E-mail invitation to the "Planetfall-Playtesters" E-group and have full access to all of the playtest material downloads and to the playtesting and game development discussions there.

Unsuccessful applicants will be sent an E-mail letter thanking them for their time and inviting them to reapply later.

A small honorarium may be asked for at that time, which everyplaytester will recive back as a discount of the game when it is published later this year or early next year. In the case of the game not being published (Fat chance of that since I'm dedicated to this project and am investing a lot of time and money in it!), all honorariums to playtesters will be fully returned to their owners.


Thanks for your time.




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