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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

NOVELS: Men's Action Novels to Sci-fi...

Hi Guys,

The last week or so I have been a reading fiend.

The War With Earth
By: Leo Frankowski & Dave Grossman.
Genre: Sci-fi Thriller
Link here:

- I was unimpressed with this novel that claimed to be an heir to David Drake and the old Bolo series. I thought it was neither. It was sort of a fancy cartoon-ish "Bolo" novel devoid of seriousness althogh with some neat sci-fi thinking thrown in. I wouldn't recommend this novel.

Black Hawk Down
By: Mark Bowden.
Genre: Action / History
Link here:

- I really enjoyed this novel about the conflict between US forces trying to bring relief to a wartorn country and Somali warlords. Having now read the book, I'd have to say that the film compares well to it. the producer didn't take too much artistic license.


Future Crime
By: Ben Bova.
Genre: Sci-fi Anthology
Link here:

- Ben Bova put together this collection of mostly his stories about direction that "future crime" might take. I enjoyed the anthology and particularly enjoyed a story about US Astronauts and USSR Cosmonauts. There was also a story that predicted that large urban cities might take the sideline to smaller more rural suburbs. I enjoyed this anthology and would recommend it.

By: Desmond Bagley.
Genre: Action Thriller
Link here:

- Desmond Bagley wrote a number of spy/espionage/men's action novels and despite some initial misgivings, I enjoyed this novel greatly. The main character is an American (Being described by a British writer, which turns up some unintended comedy...) who works for a power company contracted to building a power plant in the fictional African country of Nyala. His job is to contract some heavy haulers to move a three-hundred ton generator piece through a third-world African nation that JUST happens to fall into civil war. The novel ends up working despite what initially looked like an overdose of hokiness. I enjoyed this little novel and would recommend it to others.

Dead Lines
By: Greg Bear.
Genre: Sci-fi / Horror Thriller
Link here:

- Greg Bear is known for writing high grade sci-fi and this is his first departure from the genre. "Dead Lines" is a horror / thriller and is very well-written. I'm still not finished with the novel, but I have immensly enjoyed it so far and I'm a little over half finished with it. The basic premise of the novel is that the dead can communicate with the living through a new kind of cell phone called TRANS and the ramifications of that interaction... which, are pretty SPOOKY! I'm looking forward to finishing the novel and have yet to be disappointed by Greg Bear. I highly recommend this novel based upon what I have read so far.

Have a great day!


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