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Friday, July 01, 2005

MODELLING: 6mm Miniature Bases!

Lextar,01 2005 July,07:54

*** Just wondering what people think about mixing circle and square bases within one army? ***

I did this with my Eldar Fire Dragon Troupe. Originally all the vehicles were going to be on circle bases, but I switched the wave serpents to square base so they stood next to each other on the shelf without wasting any space. So the only one left is the command Falcon.

I'm thinking of doing something similiar with my Tau. Troops on Square bases and the tans on circle ones.

*** What do people think? ***

Hi Lextar and Gang,

I don't have a problem mixing base types or sizes.

In fact, I have done this many times. I use the following with regularity for older Epic editions or the current E-A:

SQUARE [20mmx20mm or roughly 3/4"x3/4"]:
- I still use the 20mmx20mm 1rst and 2nd edition sqaure bases although I prefer the 3rd edition rectangular ones.
- Metal shims that can be glued under these bases to make them magnetic are readily availible.
RECTANGLE [12.5mmx40mm]:
- I love the 3rd edition 12.5mmx40mm rectangular bases.
- The only bad thing about them is that they are such a funky size. Noone makes a metal base you can glue under the E-40k rectangle so I have to custom make them so that my infantry stands can be stored magnetically. This is a pain.
- I'm thinking of switching to 15mmx40mm bases since this is a standard DBA base size and is readily availible.

RECTANGLE [20mmx30mm]:
- I have custom-made and cut these pieces for smaller artillery pieces such as Thud guns and the like when the 20mmx20mm was too small and the 20mmx40mm was too big.
- Cutting plasticard is easy but time consuming.

RECTANGLE [20mmx40mm]:
- The Warmaster 20mmx40mm bases are wonderful.
- Metal shims that can be glued under these bases to make them magnetic are readily availible.
- 20mmx40mm bases are also a standard DBA base size and are readily availible.

CIRCLE [3/4" (Roughly 20mm) and 1" (Roughly 25mm)]:
- This is the newest kind of base I have been using and I really like using circles.
- I use two sizes primarily: 3/4" (Roughly 20mm) and 1" (Roughly 25mm).
- I purchase fender washers in this size and cover up the middle hole with a piece of Scotch tape or small paper.
- 3/4" fender washers make great pieces for individual pieces such as robots or jet bikes and also are fabulous for character pieces such as leaders or even for indicdual units such as snipers or missile teams.
- 1" circles are good for regular infantry units and are a great size on which to base E-A Tyranids.




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