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Saturday, July 02, 2005

FILM: I saw the Spielburg WOTW film today!

Hi Everyone,

I saw the Spielburg WOTW film today and LOVED it! Diana was a bit spooked, but I really liked the Martians and their tripods.

This review by Tas is spot on!

REVIEW: WAR OF THE WORLDS (Spielburg version)

Tas: Well I went last night with Lynette for my Birthday... Overall, I enjoyed it. The Tripods are AWESOME as are all of the special effects in their Hollywood glory as you might expect. A few creepy instances of nasty stuff happening just off screen and out of sight really fills in the blanks with the worst that your imagination can provide.

I agree that the Tripods were simply AWESOME! I also really liked how much of the really creepy stuff that Spielburg left off screen.

Suggestion is powerful part of a good scare and our imaginations will always be able to provide a scarier imagine than one possible on the screen. In this regard the film reminded me very much of a M. Night Shyamalan film. I just finished watching Shyamalan's "Signs" just a week or too back and it compared very well with this new Spielburg WOTW film.

Tas: Much more of the traditional Wells material was included than I expected. The artilleryman character is included (Although he is a paramedic... ), the collecting of people into baskets on the Tripods and blood injections needed by Martians as well as the red weed.
I have to diagree with you here, Tas. The paramedic takes the place of the vicar character and not the artilleryman. The red weed and the Martian need for blood were impressively displayed by the new Spielburg WOTW film!

Tas: The storyline is a "Survivor's" story: a man trying to survive with his two children as civilization crumbles. It's that simple! It starts rather hum-drummish, which I though was the worst part, but as soon as the Tripods appear with their heat rays, the film comes out with a
I didn't mind the slow start because it really set the pace for the audience to be surprised when the time came...

The heat rays were very cool... really more of a very high powered electrical arc or discharge...

*** But... why did the heat rays disintegrate the bodies of those struck and not their clothing? ***

Tas: Now, there is Thunderchilde scene, chaps...
I was a bit disappointed by the Thunderchilde scene.

The "UUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLAAAAAAAA" was most impressive. Very eerie!

Tas: Overall, I thought it was a good visual movie with more of the traditional WOTW aspects than I had thought there would be. The film definitely had more of the H.G. Wells storyline than the 1953 George Pal movie had. The worst aspect of the film was a lack of storyline depth. The best aspect of the film were the outstanding special effects (And we all could have guessed
that... )!
I agree with you 100%.

Tas: I look forward to hearing what others think of the film!

Review by: Tas.


I liked it too, Tas!


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