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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

WEIRD NEWS: "Pink guns: Yeah, right? Right?" (16 October 2007)

TOP: This image is a Photoshop mock-up...
Of an actual Asian military firearms competition.
Hi All,

I've seen alot of things in my time... the end of the Cold War, men landing on the Moon, Dan Rather getting hoisted on his own poetically just petard, etc. BUT... I never thought I'd see the day that pink guns acquired a share of the firearms market. But, they're here! There have always been options to have the metal parts of firearms anodized with various colors, but now a number of manufacturers see pink firearms as a way of attracting more women to the self defense and hunting firearm markets.

Who would have thought?

"Colorful firearms pop up to attract women hunters"
Link here:

"Pink guns for girls"
Link here:

"2nd Amendment Sexy or Candy Coated Killas?"
Link here:

TOP: This is a REAL M-16! Technicolor polka dots and all!
TOP: Pink Glock, anyone?

Update (16 October 2007 at roughly 11:00am):
Mark AKA Old Digger, my friend, gives new meaning to the initials "HK" and firearms. Thanks, Mark!

TOP: Normally, I think of Hechler & Koch when I see the initials HK...
Now, I know that Hello Kitty's (HK) firearm of choice is an AK!

Have a great Tuesday!


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