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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: "Even More 10mm Sci-fi!" (23 October 2007)

TOP: The twenty-first century M-2163 "Stiletto" MICV!
Hi All,

While writing someone about new and upcoming sci-fi releases, Tom Dye of GFI / Minifigs contacted me about his new and upcoming line, which looks pretty cool. Tom Dye has also written about some other new releases that may soon be available for his line and I hope to feature new photos as they become available. However, enough of my blathering, check out the good stuff below:

GFI/Minifigs New “Near Future” Range

The year is 2050 and technology has far outstripped the world's economy. Even the superpowers can no longer afford to design new weapons systems from the ground up. Yet, nation's leaders strive to find ways to best utilize the new technologies by updating old and existing weapons systems.

This is the vision behind GFI/Minifigs new range of "Near Future," N scale, wargaming line. We have been kit bashing at the shop for our own Near Future factions. This world allows fellow gamers the flexibility to also kit bash and create their own vehicles to meet their mind's eye images of what warfare might look like in 2050, the Near Future!

Using modern vehicles and equipment as a foundation is not without historical basis. The US steel pot soldiered on for nearly 45 years; the M-60 for over 30; the T-55 is still soldering on in many third world countries for over 50 years! 2050 is only 43 short years away!

As we all know, a new M1A1 Abrams goes for over a million dollars a copy! As new technology in regards to main weapons systems, proportion systems, electronics and personal protection occur, the price tag goes up. What has become obsolete in major armies becomes a vast improvement for third world nations! With "new" and improved capabilities to wage war with, the burning desire to use this new equipment will be a compulsion for many!

TOP: Shock Troops with advanced body armor and full infantry support rigs.

Our initial releases will consist of Shock Infantry. These soldiers have a laptop (The M-21) on the back of their exosuit. This system can receive communications and program "smart rounds" by simply having the soldier center the pipper on his heads-up display and pressing a button on the grip of his weapon. In nanoseconds, a target solution is transmitted to the next round in the weapon's chamber and is ready for the soldier to squeeze it off!

The platoon leader remains in his command vehicle and directs the assault or defense based upon real-time camera feedback from each of his men, coupled with the latest in aerial and satellite technology.

The exosuit protects the soldier from his environment. It will protect from heat, cold, rain, snow and hot chemical/biological threats. There is even talk of a "chameleon" version that will change the color of the man to exactly match that of his surrounding environment, all by itself thanks to the M-21 micro computer on his back!

With all this enhanced capability, War Planners feel that just a platoon of 36 of these new Shock Infantry would be the equivalent of a Battalion of "leg" infantry! This helps with War Planning since a huge savings in equipment and personnel can be realized over the deployment of a traditional battalion.

TOP: The M-2163 "Stiletto" deploying Shock Troops.

The M-2163 "Stiletto" is an upgraded British Warrior with a Lav-25 turret. The tracks have been replaced by six sets of run flat dual tires with self-sensing shocks. This configuration has proved to be faster and quieter than the previously tracked variant. Room for up to six Shock Infantry troopers is provided. The Stiletto relies upon its speed and quiet running to dart into enemy operating areas and conduct special ops missions, nearly unnoticed by the enemy! Variants are expected to be revealed, soon.

There is also the rumor of the M-1B-6. The classic Abrams of the early years of 2000 that has been retrofitted with a rail gun, capable of destroying up to 12 inches of homogeneous armor at 5 miles, with a single hyper-velocity plastic jacketed plutonium sabot round. The gun is capable of firing faster than it can acquire targets! (This is reported to be the fastest known to date!)

We, at GFI / Minifigs, hope you enjoy this vision of gaming conflicts of the Near Future, in N scale. We have a LOT more to come!

Tom DyeGFI/Minifigs.

Looks good! Tom later wrote me with this information:

Hi Maksim,

Attached, please find a word document with pictures embedded. It is what will appear on our site later today. I thank you very much, Maksim! We are also working on the ability to show others work; hold competitions and vote on best conversions on the site, with prizes! More as we can make it happen!

Right now, all we have ready are the Shock Infantry (besides our regular range of moderns).

Product #1250-0001 Shock Infantry
x36 assorted (...about 16 different poses)
...for only $6.95 USD a pack.

...SAME as our historical N scale offerings!

Thanks, again!

Tom Dye of GFI / Minifigs.

And I can't wait to see how the figures look in person. And you're very welcome, Tom!

If you're interested in 10mm sci-fi, I always recommend this excellent discussion group:

And the site for GFI Minifigs can be found here:

The GFI Minifigs line includes classic 25mm fantasy, 15mm, and 10mm of every genre from ancients to moderns with just about everything inbetween.

Have a great Tuesday!


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  • At 3:19 AM, October 25, 2007, Blogger IanRS said…

    Be nice when they are finished. Will they be avalaible in the UK.


  • At 9:38 AM, October 31, 2007, Blogger MaksimSmelchak said…

    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for writing!

    I beleive that they will be available in the UK. I'll keep you apprised on my blog and the news will, of course, appears on the vendor's site.



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