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Saturday, October 27, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: "6mm Sci-fi QT Minis?" (27 October 2007)

Hi All,

This is a slightly different post than I usually write because it's primarily a call to help identify some figures rather than my usual rants, jokes, and exposes. So, reader, without further ado:

Can you identify the below miniatures?

Do you know the stock numbers or identifying names for these pieces?

Do you have a QT miniatures catalogue...
...with their OOP 6mm sci-fi or starfighter lines?

Can you send me a copy either electronically / digitally or by snail mail?

Are these even QT miniatures?

Inquiring minds WANT to know!

I want to extend many thanks to Steve C. and Andrew Parkin, who have been corresponding with me about these minis. Andrew is also the President of The Wakefield & Ossett Wargamers, who are the hosts of The Recon Gaming Show / Convention.

The Wakefield & Ossett Wargamers Club (UK) maintain a web page here:

And more information about their Recon Gaming Show / Convention can be found here:

TOP: Photo #1
Two tracked vehicles and four wheeled ones.
No visible armament.
TOP: Photo #2
Four APCs that might be tracked, GEV, or grav.
Two of them have mortars mounted in the back of the vehicle.
Otherwise, no visible armament.
TOP: Photo #3
Four APCs, all hovercraft or GEV.
No visible armament.
TOP: Photo #4
Two GEV APCs, two GEV MBTs, and a tracked or GEV arty vehicle.
The MBTs and arty vehicles may be converted, hard to tell.
The MBT turrets look like modern 20th century vehicles.

And here are a few more links for the 6mm sci-fi nut:

QT Miniatures, a UK company, has apparently sold off part of their old lines, do not manufacture much of the rest, and do not maintain a web site. They have a manufacturer's entry at TMP here:

Snapdragon Studios, a UK company, used to make a wide variety of 6mm sci-fi terrain, but no longer produce any of these pieces that were prominently features in the Dirtside II rule book. They now concentrate on producing 25 to 28mm scenery with a smattering of pieces for other scales including some 1/300 fantasy pieces. Their site can be found here:

Force 21 is a small, not well known American company that produces a variety of resin-cast sci-fi goodies including 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, starships, rules and more. Their web site can be found here:

Irregular Miniatures, a UK company, is one of the largest and oldest companies in the business. They make EVERYTHING! Their web site can be found here:

Scotia / Grendel Productions, a UK company, is also a very large and successful company that makes a fine line of 6mm sci-fi miniatures. Their web site can be found here:

And last, but not least:

Monday Knight Productions (MKP) is an American company that bought out the old 6mm sci-fi MAATAC line from Superior and makes a wide variety of other miniatures goodies. Their web site can be found here:

Have a great Saturday!
And a Gut Shabbos to my Jewish readers!

Update (4 November 2007 at roughly 7:00am):
My buddy Covert Walrus wrote in with QT catalogue information: Thanks, CW!

As promised, from a catalog circa 1977/78

Starforce 300

SF1 GNAT one man fighter 2 for 45p*
SF2 DRAGONFLY two man fighter 45p*
SF3 MANTA Three Man Fighter 45p*
SF4 MANTA armed tug 45p*
SF5 SCARAB one man fighter 2 for 45p*
SF6 DOVE Courier ship 2 for 45p*
SF7 DOLPHIN Freighter 1.70*
SF8 PYTHON deep space tug 45p*
SF8A PYTHON with Laser/drive unit 1.60*

SF8B PYTHON with warp shields 1.60*
SF8C PYTHON as 8B & tractor beam 1.60*
SF9 Laser Unit 60p
SF10 Star Drive 60p
SF11 DELTA command ship 1.60*
SF10A Warp Drive and turret 1.15
SF12 MANTA warp shields/scanner 1.60*
SF13 STARFIRE armed space yacht 1.70*
SF14 MOCCASIN Raider 2 for 45p
SF15 6 assorted turrets 25p
SF16 MOCCASIN APC 2 for 45p
SF17 MOCCASIN Hover Tank 2 for 45p
SF18 Combi Carrier with howitzer 60p
SF19 MOCCASIN Command centre 2 for 45p
SF20 INFANTRY in power armer 45p
SF21 Combi carrier/Drone launcher 70p
SF22 FALCON two man fighter 45p*
SF24 LASER CUTTER with crew 45p
SF25 COMPRAN riding lizard 2 for 40p
SF25A COMPRAN Infantry 45p
SF26 COMPRAN Riding lizard 2 for 30p
SF27 COMPRAN riding lizard 2 for 30p
SF28 COMPRAN Riding lizard 2 for 30p
SF29 COMPRAN Riding lizard 2 for 30p
SF30 HVY Hover tank 2 for 60p
SF30A Hvy Hover Mortar carrier 2 for 60p
SF31 ECM Hovercraft 2 for 50p
SF32 Location Hovercraft 2 for 50p
SF33 Armoured Command Centre 2 for 60p
SF34 Hvy tank [RAMORIAN] 2 for 60p
SF35 Armoured scout car [RAM] 2 for 45p
SF36 Droid Carrier [RAM] 70p
SF37 Armoured APC [RAM] 2 for 45p
SF38 Armoured Mortar carrier[RAM]2 for 45p
SF39 Howitzer carrier[RAM] 70p
SF40 EDV Carrier [RAM] 2 for 45p
SF41 Solar Lance [RAM] 70p
SF42 RAMORIAN troopers 45p
SF43 MOCCASIN Hover Truck 2 for 50p
SF44 Half Track Truck [RAM] 2 for 50p
SF45 Drones for SF21 2 for 45p*
SF46 Track pack 25p
SF47 Droids for SF36 45p
SF48 Not Available
SF49 POLARIANS super fast infantry 45p
SF50 MOLE subsurface tank 60p
SF51 MOLE subsurface APC 60p
SF52 MOLE subsurface mortar 60p
SF53 Waspcopter 45p*
SF54 Lt. Hover tank [SOL MARINE] 4 for 45p
SF55 Lt. SP gun [SOL MARINE] 4 for 45p
SF56 Lt.APC [SOL MARINE] 4 for 45p
SF57 SOL MARINE Lander 3.75

* denotes wire and clear plastic flight stand.
Spelling as per original document.

Shabbat Shalom,

Notes regarding photos / pictures / videos: These are not all my images and videos. I am using various images and videos from around the web, mostly from public sources and/or private sources used with permission. I have tried to include only images and videos under public domain, creative commons, or fair use. If I have inadvertently violated any copyrights, please inform me and I will remove your image/s (if it is indeed an infringement).

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