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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

MINI WARGAMING: "10mm Sci-fi Hoversled Cavalry: Charge!" (24 October 2007)

TOP: A 10mm sci-fi GFI Minifigs Hoverled Cavalry MICV charges on the attack!

Hi All,

Some of the new 10mm sci-fi Near Future range from GFI Minifigs are less futuristic looking while others have a definite high-tech look. The Hoversled Cavalry vehicle look has a "Back To the Future" look about that makes me want to say "McFly!" Tom Dye sent me a few teaser pics to share on the blog with a note that his friend Ted has been behind this project.

TOP: A Hoverled Cavalry MICV slowing down to deploy Shock Troops.

The lack of a ground effect vehicle hoverskirt ought to make the critics of that kind of vehicle happy (Hear me, Matthew?) and the vehicle's traditional lines should appeal to an existing generation of gearheads as well as the guys who miss Renegade Legion: Centurion. Tom or Ted, for that matter, didn't explain how this hoversled works, but I would imagine that the "wheel-looking thingies" (technical term, of course) on the side of the vehicle's hull are really hover jets of some sort... at least that's how it worked for "McFly." I like it, at any rate.

If you're interested in 10mm sci-fi, I always recommend this excellent discussion group:

And the site for GFI Minifigs can be found here:

The GFI Minifigs line includes classic 25mm fantasy, 15mm, and 10mm of every genre from ancients to moderns with just about everything inbetween.

Have a great Wednesday!


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