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Monday, October 22, 2007

COOL STUFF: "Slave Girls Rock! Part 1" (22 October 2007)

TOP: Leia #1 - She can BE my princess / slave girl!
Hi All,

OK. I admit it: Star Wars must have had a formative effect on me growing up. How do I know? ...because the simple site of a woman in a Return of the Jedi brass lingerie outfit still turns a smile on my face! I've always known that I was a "Geek-child" growing up. Who else builds castles out of graph paper, worships Flash Gordon, and had faith that Superman was the runt child from Krypton... because I was obviously the missing Kryptonian super-link, as I kept waiting for my superpowers to come out. The superpowers never developed further than an odd ability to catch thrown M&Ms in my mouth, but I did develop of love of fantasy & science fiction that's stuck with me ever since. At least I got something out of that deal.

And key among those acquired tastes was a deep and abiding appreciation for everything Princess Leia. You see... I was a runt kid growing up; I didn't get my heft and height until much later and being the low man on the totem pole, when we played Star Wars out on the playground, I always got stuck with the most undesirable roles, which were usually Princess Leia or R2D2. Even C3PO was too popular a role for likes of a wretch like I was. And you know what they say: If you're on the bottom, you might as well get to like it. So I did. Still, it felt a heck of a lot better when I finally outgrew the playground pack leaders and could claim a really fun role like Chewbacca. Every now and then, I still make that distinctive Chewie roar in fond memory of that day.

TOP: Leia #2 & #3 - Sometimes you need a little more than the Force...
...to keep you warm on those long hyperspace journeys.

As an adult (...and I sort of lay claim to that title), I've come to enjoy attending the occasional comic book convention, anime convention, sci-fi convention, gaming convention, Renn Faire, etc. And one of my favorite things about such conventions is to bask in the light of pretty ladies dressing up as Princess Leia. And they pop up EVERYWHERE! For the women of my generation and maybe the one after it, they must have all learned & yearned to secretly be the princess / slave girl. And as these photos attest, a few of them are a whole lot less secret about those desires to be the princess / slave girl. And all I can say about them is this:

God bless them!

My life is certainly a little bit richer with a few more Princess Leia's in it!

Have a great Monday!


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