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Friday, February 09, 2007

POSITIVE VIBES: Adventures In Light Rail #1: "The Metro, Katie & Me!"

Hi Everyone,

Everyday I ride the RT Metro commuter train back and forth to work... with the same crowd of folks. I tried just sitting there... but I got bored... and there were so many interesting people sitting around... just waiting to be chatted up. And I can read my book at home.

So, one day I decided to open the old rat trap and staring saying hi to my neighbors that I rode with every day. Some people brightened up right away... and others glowered... but most came around after a few months. And what a change it was... First I started hearing little things... the news, jobs, promotions... and eventually the friendliness I'd started, began to spread. Now, I can't take credit for people being kind each other, but I'm certainly proud of the part I took in furthering the process...

Folks started sharing pictures, talking about their families, and the communter train became a friendlier place. I really liked my ride back and forth to work everyday. And then I got a promotion and a new schedule... and there went the old batch of commuters that I had so well-trained. So I started over and started to break in a new batch... they're not as far along as the old batch, but there's promise. The day before yesterday we chatted about one lady's new puppy... even the old Mexican guy with a huge hat and wrinkled beat-up jacket started getting into it. So I translated...

Well, I got a rare surprise today... one of my old "class" wrote to me today and shared photos of his daughter... so feast your eyes on this beauty:

Hi Max –

I just wanted to drop you a note to say hello. I hope the new job is treating you well; the train just isn’t the same without the pizzazz of your personality.

Enjoy the long weekend


What a looker!

Hi Andy,

I miss you too, friend.

*** How are things for you? ***

Please send my best to the missus, Grandma d'Italia, and the Bambino.

Andy's a really neat guy despite working for a government automobile bureaucracy... like me and my healthcare bureaucracy. One day he told me the most beautiful story about when he was a boy and he used to become the "hands" for his near-blind Italian grandmother and "cook" with her. I've never forgotten it.

We’re all doing well, thank you… here are a couple pictures of my little girl, Katie. Thank you for remembering her and the “Missus”

I’m reading a new book I thought you might enjoy…it’s called “Winkie” - very Kafka-esque story about a Teddy Bear tried for terrorism… I think you would enjoy it.

Perhaps I’ll see you on the train again soon...


Have a great weekend!

And THANKS, Andy!


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