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Friday, April 14, 2006

HUMOUR: Doctors, Pirates & Ninjas... Oh my!

Hi Everyone,

My friend "Tas" who lives Down Under has been playing around with those silly quiz thingies and he motivated me to see which of the Dr. Whos I am so...


And I scored as the third Doctor Who... Mr. Pertwee.

You scored as the 3rd Doctor.

3rd Doctor = 92%
9th Doctor = 75%
1st Doctor = 58%
4th Doctor =58%
A Dalek = 58%
8th Doctor = 50%
5th Doctor = 33%
7th Doctor = 33%
10th Doctor = 33%
6th Doctor = 25%
2nd Doctor = 17%
Davros = 0%

Bummer, the 4th Doctor, Tom Baker, was my favorite. I must be too straight-laced to score as him. Oh well, Pertwee wasn't so bad as they go.

I still haven't caught the new Dr. Who series... I keep trying, but it has been accidently deleted sveral times now after I set it to be digitally recorded. I suppose that's OK though since I'm in no hurry.

You can find Tas's site, which is mostly focussed on Victorian Science Fiction (VSF, but sometimes called Steampunk), here:


He also found this link and was wondering what it was about... I think I'm with him on this one. Super Geek or not, this site is pretty wacky.


Have a great Friday!

Chag Sameach and Shalom,

I'd also like to promote Scott DiBartelo's new blog here. He's a Northern California gamer who has been hosting Man O' War tournaments since practically the beginning of time. He's a great guy and I'm happy to help promote his new site.

Check it out here:

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