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Saturday, December 31, 2005

GAMING NEWS: Maksim Steps Down As 'Nid Champion.

Hi Guys,

I'm getting ready to step down as 'Nid Champion. I've found a successor and I just need to ratify it with Jervis and the "leadership." I didn't want to step down and leave SG and Jervis short-handed.

I love Epic, but it has died in my area. All of the web site / organizational changes and inconsistency have killed E-A as a game where I live, which was at one time, one of the biggest bastions of Epic worldwide with regular tournaments even after the E-40k debacle.

As much of the game, keeping up with the changes in E-A are too much for a single person. Without my mates playing and helping me to keep track of the rules as they evolve, I can't fairly stay 'Nid Army Champion and give the fans what they deserve.

And with infrequent and inconsistent communication with my leaders, I don't have a desire to further create and develop a list that may be completely thrown out the door at a whim. For example, I was specifically prohibited many times from developing 'Nid units from "Christmas Past," but Forgeworld can turn around in an instant and recreate those same 'Nid units as "Christmas Future." The Trygon is one example and the new 'Nid aerial barrage baloons are another.

In other words, I'm "out of the loop" when it comes to being a list writer. I'm unable to innovate much since I'm following the directives put to me. I want the freedom to include more creative input that I'm not going to get.

It really makes me feel like my work on the list and everything I put into it is irrevelant.

Not only that but Specialist Games has never taken the time to post the latest 'Nid lists on their web sites anyway. I have consistently had to mail them out as documents and have them posted on Chern's site for download as a PDF.

In other words, I'm not abandoning ship, but I'm not staying at the helm either. And this is largely because I'm not really at the helm, I've been more of a newspaper ombudsman than a true list or game developer.
I have no complaints about Jervis though. I still think he's a fine guy if a bit overworked and unable to communicate with his "chiefs" enough to make me want to stay a "chief." I'd either rather work for free for a boss that communicates with me more often or be my own boss.

The new proposed 'Nid Champion has asked me to help out and stick around, but I won't be putting the time into the game that I once did.

And for all of you scavengers out there, I WILL NOT be selling off my Epic collection! I'm still a huge fan, just one who needs a change of pace. And I still have one of the biggest and best 'Nid collections around!

Long live the Hive Mind!


For those of you who are interested, I'm developing a science fiction game of my own called "Planetfall." More information can be found here:


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