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Monday, September 26, 2005

WARGAMING: "Elitist" Wargaming?

Hi Guys,

I recently read this post on TMP and it got me thinking.

Cabin4clw: OK here's the question. I've been gaming for 13 years and do
historicals such as AWI, ACW, WW-2 among others.

*** Am I an elitist because I don't want to play fantasy? ***

I used to play some but now all I want to play is historicals.

*** Am I wrong? ***

Hi Cabin4clw,

You may be an "elitist" in some manners of evaluating your outlook, but...

For me, a true "elitist" is really someone who treats other he doesn't consiuder part of his "elitist" group in a lesser manner.

So, if you are treating fantasy gamers in a manner lesser than the historical gamers you now associate yourself with then YES you are an "elitist."

If you are treating all of the gamers you know in an egalitarian manner, then you just have your own set of tastes regarding your hobby and that's both perfectly acceptable and very normal.

I tend to game with a local club that prides itself as a "historial gaming club," which is fine with me as long as they are willing to let a little fantasy and sci-fi sneak in some of the time... and they do. At the last group meeting (Roughly 50+ attending), we had a pulp fantsy game with zombies, and the like. It was fun and those interested played and those not interested stuck with the more historical offerings.

I've been planning to bring a "Star Wars: Battle of Hoth" game to the club for some time now and have tested the waters by asking various member if the club if they'd be willing to playtest the game wth me. The majority said they'd be happy to including the club president and several of the most die-hard historical gamers.

Live and let live.

Having said that, I do like the historical concentration of the club I locally game with. I can always go by a hobby shop to see fantasy and sci-fi games being played.



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