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Friday, August 26, 2005

GAMING NEWS: TMP Gladiator Contest! Part #1.

Hi Guys,

I'll be leaving in a bit to visit my friend Andrew in Hercules, California, a suburb in the Bay Area a short ways from the city of San Francisco.

Andrew asked me awhile back if I would be his partner for the TMP Gladiator Game contest and I readily agreed.

Here are some details of the contest:



Andrew and I have known each other for several years and we originally met at an OGRE game he hosted at his house many years ago. We're both members of the SF-Bay-OGRE E-group and both enjoy Steve Jackson Games (SJG) products such as OGRE! I'm am certain that Tas knows him as well and Andrew has additionally has several of his gaming articles published in different OGRE books as well as a great OGRE cartoon.

Andrew also has his own OGRE web site:



Last year at KUBLACON (2004), I played in his SJG Awful Green Things From Outer Space (AGTFOS) game and won with Diana as my partner. We had a good time and vowed at that time that we should get together more often. As all too often works out, our busy schedules have prevented our getting together since last year so I'm really looking forward to visiting tonight and using our partnership in the TMP Gladiator Game contest as an excuse to get together more often (He only lives about a half hour away from Diana, my girlfriend).


We're planning to take a group photo for the contest, play some games with his kids (Probably Settlers of Cataan, but who knows?) and share a meal. We'll also be planning/strategizing how to go about the contest and planning an arena for the playtesting. Andrew has a garage full of dowels, foam sheeting, glue, etc. and he's sure we can build a simple but effective arena for our gladiators! It should be a lot of fun and I'm greatly looking forward to the get-together!



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